Anna F. Marasco is an award winning author and international award winning poet. She is a teller of stories, some of them true, most of them not. Anna is a licensed clinical social worker, which allows a deep exploration of human behavior and emotion within her characters. She knew she wanted to be a writer ever since she rewrote her beloved cat, Momma Cat, into the ending of Jonathan Livingston Seagull with Momma eating Jonathan. Anna enjoys applying this approach in her life, writing and rewriting sequels until satisfied, often choosing to live in fantasy more than reality. In her spare time, Anna enjoys frolicking with the love of her life: her horse, Henry.































Anna F. Marasco is working on a young adult time travel novel, Lively, Traveler. 

Lively is sixteen the first time she watches her grandfather die. Her grandfather raised her and her sister for the past seven years after their parents lost custody. He was the one person who understood her. And now he is gone.

After a failed suicide attempt, Lively agrees to join her sister on a trip to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where they will scatter their grandfather’s ashes—his final request and an easy wish to grant. That is, until Lively accidentally time travels to 1941 after chasing the ghost of a young pilot, Caleb, through a museum. She falls in love with him, but can’t tell him she time traveled because then he’ll think she’s crazy. She doesn’t need more people thinking she’s crazy, she does that well enough on her own. Lively learns she’s not the only one with a mysterious past — Caleb has secrets of his own that threaten their relationship and, possibly, her life. Lively realizes that time travel might be the only way for them both to survive the impending attack on Pearl Harbor, but she’s not sure if saving him will also mean her own downfall. She has no idea how to get back to the present and time ticks closer to December 7th — the day Caleb dies.





Anna F. Marasco’s short story, “The Stars Are Eyes,” is now featured in the anthology, A Year of the Monkeys. Buy your copy today!


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